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The perfect operation system of QA Dept. can guarantee the mold quality by inspecting in-coming material ,manufacturing process and samples. With the help of the coordinate measuring machine such as the CMM, projector, the hardness-tester and some others fine measuring equipment, QA Dept. can provide accurate engineering datum for mold engineering.

1.Brief Introduction:
  01、What kind of mold do you make? Plastic injection molding mold, die casting mould or else?
        Our products are mostly plastic injection molds. We do make die-casting (Zinc alloy and Alu alloy) molds,but not as many as
         injection molds at present.
02、How many molds do you make annually?
        Averagely, we make about 550-900 sets molds per year.
03、Do you have plastic injection machines for mold trial?
        Yes, we have. The 12 injection machines ranging from 68 tons to 400 tons.
04、How many shifts do you operate every day?    
        For CNC, EDM and Polishing Departments, two shifts; Mold Shop depends on the emergency; the others are one shift.  
05、Do you have office or factory in Hong Kong?
        There is an office in Hong Kong. The factory is in Dongguan, China mainland.
06、How long is the lead-time for a mold?
        It is hard to say. It all depends on the mold’s size,complexity and design. Normally, the lead-time is about 20--50days.
2. Facilities and Technology
  01、How do you maintain your advanced machines?
        We appoint some experienced and skilled staff to maintain these machines.
02、Have the operators been trained specially?
        Yes, they have.
03、How often do you inspect you machinery and tools?
        For huge and complex instruments, we check their precision and function every 3 months. For small ones, 2 months.
04、What kind of steel do you use to make mold?
        We can use all types of steel appointed by customer. Usually we use Swedish ASSAB, German EDEL, Japanese DAIDO and
        Chinese LKM ,etc.
05、Where do you buy the steel and mold base?
        Usually we buy the steel from LKM Company and Ming-lee Company .
06、What kind of hot-runner do you use?
        Usually we use Mold-master, Incoe, Yudo, Hasco and D.M.E
07、How do you make the texture/ text /heat-treatment / nitriding and so on?
        We have the cooperative subsidiary factories to do that. They are more professional.
08、How do you monitor the process?
        Our Project Dept. appoints project engineer to handle every project progress .
09、 Which precision grades can you reach?
        For the mold, we can assure the precision to 0.005mm; for the parts, to 0.02mm.
10、Do you have any problem communicating in English?
        No problem at all. Project manager and International sales could communicate well in English.
11、Which standards do you use, Metric or Inch ?
        Both of them are OK. We can use the standards requested by customer.
12、Which process do you think is the most important in mold making?
        We think every process is important.
13、Can you provide the steel certificate and heat-treatment certificate?
        Yes, we can. The steel supplier and heat-treatment factory can provide the certificates.
14、Do you use carbon or copper to be electrode?
        We always use copper. If necessary , we may use carbon electrode
3. Human Resource and Working Environment
  01、Where did you employ your staff?
        We seek qualified, experienced and high-educated employees from talent market or college.
02、Have your employees been trained?
        Yes, they have. We provide internal training for every new comer from the very beginning.
03、Where do your employees live?
        We have a living building in our factory for our employees.
04、How many percent of the talent flow in your company each year?
        The percentage is quite small, only about 2-3%. We think the stability of workforce can maintain a good productivity.
05、How often do you raise employees salary?
        We reconsider the salary twice per year.
4. Terms of Payment and Shipment
  01、What is your terms of payment?
        For new mold, 40% deposit, 30% on first short, 30% before shipment. For modifying mold, 100% one week upon the approval of
         the updated samples. For prototype mold, pay 50% when place P.O, and another 50% before mold delivery.
02、How do you pack the mold?
        It all depends where the molds are shipped. For the mold inland: general packing method ;For the mold exported overseas, we
        pack it strictly in accordance with standard of export regulation.
03、Do you know the export tax on mold to USA?
        Our quotation is based on FOB HK , FOB Shenzhen or ex-factory. Of course we can help to find it.
5. After Sales Service
  01、If there is problem on the mold after the shipment, what did you do?
        This kind of matter has never happened before. But if it happens and it is our fault, we pay all the cost without any bargain.
02、Who pay the cost of modification?
        The small changes and necessary modification for good samples are free. But for the crucial changes requested by customer, we
         will get the reasonable modification cost.
03、Do you make spare part for customer?
        Yes, we do. If the customer requests when quoting.
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